They had met when Scout was out walking in the woods. It was such a cold and windy day the rain was falling side ways. Scout had taken cover in a cave, and there it was. ‘Terrible weather” it hooted in a low and growly voice. “Terrible” agreed Scout. They hit it off immediately, and Scout invited the Owl Bear to come for a visit. Scout’s family were terrified at first, no one had ever seen an Owl Bear before – but they all agreed it should stay. After all, it had a surprisingly good temperament, plus it was useful to have someone to reach things on the top shelf. It was just a shame it was not toilet trained!
This image is hand screen-printed onto 100% cotton t-shirt. It’s tough enough to handle dirt, mud and all the challenges that your Little Adventurer throws at it.

Owl Bear and Me

  • The main thing with a screen printed shirt is just throw it in a cold water wash, don't use hard core detergents or bleaches........... oh and if your really super then turn them inside out and you will get more wear out of them. But remember Dirt and Kids are meant to be, should be, and need to be, its all part of being an adventure!:)


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Little Adventurers
Sam Cowley
Williamstown South Australia