Welcome to Little Adventurers Custom Print


Here both big and Little Adventurers can pick and choose the ideal t-shirt for them.


Just a few simple steps and your ready to go.


  • Choose a colour
  • Choose the size
  • Choose the Design


Then well be off and running.


Because the t-shirts will be ordered to print there will be a slightly longer fulfilment time, expect 5-7 days before the t shirt will be on the way. 


Custom Print Adult

T-shirt Cut
  • The main thing with a screen printed shirt is just throw it in a cold water wash, don't use hard core detergents or bleaches........... oh and if your really super then turn them inside out and you will get more wear out of them. But remember Dirt and Kids are meant to be, should be, and need to be, its all part of being an adventure!:)


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