Little Adventurers is a new range of  Art Classes, Art Prints and T-shirts that empowers people to be curious, bold, imaginative and adventurous!



Every Little Adventurers T-Shirt is an invitation to explore unchartered lands, float in deep space or tame beasts of the wild. They’re something to get dirty in,

to be bold and brave in, to be silly and smelly in.  They are designed to last and to capture the freedom, wonder and delight of childhood.

Little Adventurers t-shirts are designed by Sam Cowley and individually screen printed onto hardy AS t-shirts. When Sam isn't drawing and daydreaming, you will find him on an adventure with his three girls. Little Adventurers was born out of Sam's desire to create clothing that empowered his girls to let their imagination take them to wondrous places, to take risks, grow courage and embrace life to the fullest. Through his designs he hopes to encourage boys and girls to play alongside each other, to seek out adventures equally and working as a team to use their heads and hearts to solve problems, overcome challenges and embrace the adventure of life together.