Hi, everyone This is the start of my new little idea, and my own small way of helping keep kids creative and entertained while they are staying at home. Or just when they are looking for a way to increase their art skills.

I have been working hard on putting together little art class booklets, that each week you will be able to download a new one and get creative. Here you will also see a gallery of the Kids work Think of this as the local paper a place they can see there work

alongside fellow students. As we enter a time of new isolation I believe that art and creativity is a key to maintaining personal wellness and mental health, everyone should pick up a pencil and start drawing. It will help. Don't think of the end result, there is no competition, there is only you and the page take a pencil for a walk and see what happens.

Sam Cowley

Little Adventurers Art CLasses

Little Adventurers Art Classes is an Adventure in Art

We have been exploring the creative world and learning to be bold with our imagination, I am passionate about giving kids space for creativity to grow.



Little Adventurers art classes will aim to provide a safe space for children to be creative, discover their own artistic path and celebrate their unique artistic style. The classes will vary from term to term working with a range of mediums and skill sets such as Illustration, Painting, Sculpting and being a Maker, and using Design thinking. 


Art and Cardboard building workshops available also. 

I currently teach after-school art classes at St Jacobi Lutheran School and Barossa Regional Gallery, if you have any questions or would like to inquire about the current classes available please contact me on